Ever wonder what a refurbished printer from White Spider entails? 

When you make the decision to buy a refurbished printer, you’re not only investing in an otherwise perfectly good printer that would likely end up in the dumpster or landfill, but you’re being a mindful consumer and supporting the environment! 

White Spider Electronics has the largest inventory of refurbished printers online including refurbished HP laser printers, and other top brands such as Brother and Lexmark. Learn more about our refurbishing process in today’s post. 

White Spider Electronics — The Environmentally Conscious Choice

A refurbished printer saves you money, but it also helps the environment and supports small businesses such as White Spider Electronics. Why buy a new printer that produces more carbon, consumes additional resources, and uses non-renewable energy, when a refurbished printer limits all of these avoidable and adverse effects? Our refurbishing printer process at White Spider Electronics does this and provides consumers with top-quality products. 


What Is White’s Spider’s Refurbishing Process?

You never know the quality you’re going to get when you shop online for a refurbished printer — this is exactly how and why White Spider Electronics was established. We want you to feel confident in the refurbished printer you’re investing in, which is why we offer warranties and a look inside our process. 


When we receive a printer, it’s completely disassembled so we can get a better picture of what we’re dealing with. It’s blown free of dust, toner, and debris before we even get into the nitty-gritty of the refurbishing.

Thorough Cleaning

The exterior of the printer is thoroughly cleaned and any labels are removed. If you’ve ever had a printer with that grimy look from the dirt and oil buildup and sticky feeling, you know how much a printer can benefit from a deep cleaning! 

Printer System Checked

While the exterior is being cleaned, professional printer technicians are assessing the image quality and paper feed systems. Many times feed rollers, pickup rollers, and separation pads are replaced with new parts, and then double-checked by a technician for a second time.

The formatter and network card are also checked and tested, with the technician updating the latest versions available.    


The appropriate printer parts including the fuser assembly (roller, film, etc.) are re-lubricated and replaced when required. Lubrication is essential in reducing friction and wear and tear between printer components, and in the end, can affect the overall quality of printed material.  

One Final Test

After the printer has been thoroughly cleaned and the interior components inspected and replaced — where applicable — a final printer test is run to ensure the printers are ready for their new home or office. The printer is then securely boxed and ready to be shipped!

Get Your Next Refurbished Printer From White Spider Electronics! 

With a wide variety of refurbished HP, Brother, and Lexmark printers, you’ll find the perfect fit for your home office or business. Not only do you get a printer that has been carefully inspected by certified printer technicians, but you also get printers that are rebuilt with longevity in mind. 

Shop White Spider Electronics’ online refurbished printers today!




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