Transitioning to an at-home office can be expensive!

Because of the pandemic, our work lives have shifted dramatically and a lot more people are working from home. Some are completely remote, while others are a hybrid and spend time at both the office and at home.

If you have found yourself working from home more and more, you may miss the good ol’ days in the office when you had everything available to you. Most companies send their employees home with the basics, but everything else is an expense you have to take on. If you’re creating an at-home office on a budget, we’ll help you determine whether or not you should save or splurge on certain office items. 

White Spider Electronics in Lincoln has a reputation for the best refurbished HP, Lexmark, and Brother printers online. If you’re in our area, we also do printer repair! Setting up a new at-home office or adding to an existing one? Get solid recommendations in today’s post. 


Office Furniture

If you started working from home and were using the kitchen table as your command center because you thought you’d be back in the office sooner than later, well, are you still at your kitchen table?! It’s time to upgrade that makeshift desk and create a real at-home office. 

Office Desk: Save

Desks can get expensive, so unless it’s a new item you have to have, we suggest saving some money and looking for a used desk. The best part, you can customize your desk with new paint and even new hardware to make it like-new. Begin looking at second-hand stores, but really, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have hidden gems all the time — you can walk away with a desk that’s in your area for a really great price. 

Along with your kitchen table, are you sitting on a kitchen chair? The chair you sit in is integral to your performance and even your overall health and wellness, so a new office chair is in order. 

Office Chair: Splurge

New office chairs can get expensive quickly, but most will say that the investment is worth it. Think about it, you’re in this chair eight or more hours a day, you need it to be comfortable and functional. Slouching and bad posture are productivity killers and sitting incorrectly can lead to other issues such as mouse shoulder, wrist concerns, and neck and back issues. 

Do yourself a favor and splurge on an office chair! There are so many varieties of office chairs, so be sure to explore the different features they have, read reviews, and get recommendations from friends and co-workers. 

As you build your new at-home office with a new desk and office chair, what else is left? While the big things are covered, it’s smaller office essentials that can make the difference. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Splurge

Blue light blocking glasses really make staring at a computer screen all day more doable. Especially if you’re prone to migraines, these glasses are phenomenal. They’re great for eye strain and eyes that get tired and irritated. 

Blue light blocking glasses have gained momentum in the last couple of years, so there are many companies that make them. A company that has been around from the beginning that comes highly recommended is Truedark, but most glasses that advertise this feature should work.

Headphones: Splurge

Headphones can make all the difference, especially if you’re in a shared space. Noise-canceling headphones work beautifully, and having headphones that fit comfortably make working at home all the more enjoyable. 

When it comes to headphones, do your research. Find a pair that have all the features you need for the price you’re looking for. 

 Office Lighting: Splurge and Save

Optimal lighting is just about as crucial as the right office chair! This is what is going to help keep you on task, and creates a much-needed ambiance if you’re not near any windows. With lighting, however, you can both save and splurge. When it comes to task lighting on or around your desk, finding used desk lamps can help you save money. Any lamp will do, and you can find one that matches your at-home office style. 

When it comes to overhead lighting, this is where you can splurge. Find a chandelier or covering that you really love, and consider installing a dimmer switch. 

Printer: Save

Home office printers, especially when they’re new, can be quite expensive and you may only be using them a couple of times a month. Printers are definitely needed, and when you’re left without one it can be incredibly frustrating, but buying a refurbished printer is a smart way to go. But, you can’t go with just any online refurbished printer company. 

This is when you shop with the leading company that sells the best high-quality printers — White Spider Electronics! We have an extensive printer refurbishing process that guarantees a well-working printer that you can rely on. Not only do you save money, but you have a printer from brands you trust — HP, Lexmark, Brother, etc. — at a price that is perfect for your at-home office! 

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Creating your at-home office is vital to your productivity, and ultimately, how much you enjoy the work you do. Today is the day to finally get the office printer you’ve been thinking about, and White Spider Electronics has a refurbished printer that fits your needs. 

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