Has your office job transitioned primarily to working remotely from home? White Spider Electronics has you covered. 

The pandemic has greatly impacted our lives, and for some, working remotely from home is a part of the new normal. It may have started out as something temporary where you found yourself set up in the guest bedroom or basement, but now, as working from home has been solidified, you need a workspace that supports what you do. 

White Spider Electronics in Lincoln makes printer repair effortless. And, if you find that you need a new one, we sell the leading refurbished printers online for a fraction of the cost. Explore more on how to create the perfect work from home space. 

It’s More Than Just A Home Office…

When it comes to your work from home (WFH) space, it’s more than just a home office. A home office is there to accommodate any work that needs to be done — a phone call here, printing a document there — that is simple enough to keep you at home and from having to go into the office. 

Working from home is completely different — this is where your 9 to 5 commences, so you need a comfortable space that can mimic all the features you have in an office, at home. It’s time to move your office from the spare bedroom and basement and carve out the perfect area to support your work. 

Creating A Long-Term Workspace

Now that you’re remote, creating a space just for your job is integral in fostering a space where you can be productive and do meaningful work. While everyone’s job may look a little different, the workspaces are very similar. 

Commit To A Single Space

While you may not have a dedicated room that you can transform into your office, you can certainly commit to a single space that will become your office. Whether it’s rearranging your spare bedroom to better accommodate your workspace or setting up dividers to create a little more privacy, try to build a space that is out of high-traffic areas that give you the calm and quiet to get your work done. 

Some have even invested in an outdoor shed, so if you have the budget to do so, they can be a great alternative. 

Desk Ergonomics

It’s important to get your desk ergonomics right, to avoid any long-term health issues such as back, neck, or wrist pain. Do a little research, and based on your height, adjust your desk appropriately. 

A good measure is that you’re able to sit up straight with your feet planted on the ground and your arms are parallel, with your writs not too bent when they’re at your mouse or keyboard. 

A good chair will also make a world of difference. Invest in a chair that is completely adjustable — from the lumbar support and arm height to one that rolls and has a seat pan tilt. 


Natural lighting is always nice and having a window to look out of, is a good reprieve during stressful workdays. If you can, create your desk space by a window. If you’re not by a window, that’s okay. Properly light your area with a mix of overhead, task, and ambient lighting. 


If you’re sitting at a computer all day, two monitors are now the standard. The recommended height of your monitors should be at an eye height of 25% to 30% below the top of the screen. This keeps you sitting tall, your shoulders level, and helps you avoid hunching over or slouching down. 

Optimal Internet

A robust internet connection is the key to efficiently working from home. The leading option for a strong connection is through your ethernet, but if that’s in an inconvenient location and you’d rather not drag foot after foot of cable throughout your house, you can invest in additional equipment. 

Many like the Wi-Fi option, although it can be touchy in some homes, so others prefer a dongle. A dongle is a device that is about the size of a USB and they plus directly into the USB port in your computer and are a great solution to faulty internet connections. 


Depending on your job description, you may need to print documents from time to time. Nothing is more frustrating than going to print something and realizing your printer is broken or out of ink. This halts everything and bottlenecks your whole day of work productivity. 

Instead, always have a working printer! At White Spider Electronics, we refurbish a wide variety of printers with household brands you can trust including Brother, HP, and Lexmark. Our printer refurbishing process ensures you have a like-new printer that you can count on. Or, if you’re in the Lincoln area, you can get our top-rated printer repair services that are speedy and efficient. 

White Spider Electronics Knows Printers

If you’re setting up your long-term work from home office space, White Spider Electronics has a collection of refurbished printers ready to be shipped to your doorstep today! Shop our affordable printers today!  




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