Because practical gifts can be the best gifts!

Have you considered a refurbished printer or printer repair in Lincoln as a potential holiday gift? While this may seem a little out of the ordinary, sometimes it’s these practical gifts that our friends and family come to rely on. So, if you’d rather skip the socks and bric-a-brac route, printers may be your new holiday haven!

White Spider Electronics has a few services — selling online refurbished printers and repairing printers in the Lincoln area. Get into the holiday spirit as we explore an uncommon gift guide to printers! 

Your Holiday Printer Guide: White Spider Electronics

Why printers? Again, a little uncommon, maybe a tad bit weird, but White Spider Electronics thinks it’s the perfect gift that will help your loved rest easy at the end of the day. Printers — precisely printers that are outdated and glitchy — can cause headaches after headaches of frustration that only compounds. So, why not give the gift of a refurbished printer or take a printer into our Lincoln location to be repaired. It’s major stress reduction and the next time they go to print something, it’ll be a breeze!

Refurbished Printers — HP, Lexmark, And Brother

Owning a small business has its fair share of expenses, so help ease the burden of a wonky printer with a refurbished printer from White Spider Electronics! We have an extensive collection of refurbished HP LaserJet printers that have passed our refurbishing process, in addition to a broad selection of Lexmark and Brother printers as well at an affordable price and better-than-new quality. 

A refurbished printer is a great gift for any small business owner, but especially for those who are eco-conscious. People who are stewards of our environment will appreciate that a perfectly good printer was not tossed into the landfill, but instead restored to a like-new quality. It’s a burden off of the environment and perfect for someone who has been putting off replacing a printer that is barely hanging on. 

How can you trust the quality of a company refurbishing printers to see online? We understand why you hesitate — there are a lot of lemons out there. Our refurbished printers not only come with a warranty, but we have our tried-and-true refurbishing method that combs printers for any issues, and our printer technicians repair and replace any needed parts.  


Printer Repair Lincoln

If you’re local to us — in the Lincoln area — you can use our printer repair services. We’re happy to provide you with our full-service option where we pick up your printer, repair it, and drop it back off, or you’re always welcome to drop it off and pick it up at your convenience. 

Getting a printer repaired — whether you know it or not — is a love language in and of itself! For business owners who are just too busy or for those who just put it off until the printer actually breaks down for good, printer repair as a holiday gift is a fun way to express how you care! 

Repairing a printer not only avoids a costly overhead ticket, but it improves the performance and longevity of the current printer — it also wastes less! 

Let White Spider Electronics Be The Practical Gift This Holiday!

A refurbished printer or printer repair doesn’t have to be your only gift, but it can be a truly thoughtful gift for someone running a business. It not only supports their daily functions, but it takes a load off their plate — it’s the little things that count. So, whether you’re a team that wants to surprise your boss or a partner of the small business owner that needs a functioning printer, partner with White Spider Electronics for all of your printer needs. 

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