Your printer is trying to tell you something…

Paper? Printing? Are these things still necessary in the digital landscape we live in? While it’s true that most things can be done online, if you run a small business or work from home, you’d be surprised by how much printing — actual physical documents — is still required! 

Though it’s a necessary evil, don’t be stuck with an ancient printer that’s barely hanging on. Instead, get a reliable printer everyone can count on.

White Spider Electronics retails the best online refurbished printers, carrying quality brands including HP, Brother, Lexmark, and Dell. Dive into the signs that you may need a new printer in today’s post. 

Don’t disrupt office productivity with a printer that unexpectedly dies!

…But do printers just die out of the blue? Typically, no. They provide you warning signs if you pay attention. Watch for the signs, stay on top of their impending doom, and secure a refurbished printer in the nick of time! 

Printing Quality

Sometimes all you need is to replace the printer toner and ink cartridges, and other times it could be a sign that your printer is starting to go. If your printer ink has been replaced and the printing quality is deteriorating, it could be a sign that the rollers are old and need to be replaced or a new printer is needed. 

Slow Print Jobs

Whether you’re a high output kind of business printing thousands of documents a day, or you only print a few pages, if your printer speed slows and you’re able to hand-write a document faster than it prints, a new and updated printer is warranted.  

Printer Jams

Who doesn’t love a good printer jam that takes you away from your work and gets everyone in the office involved in the fiasco? Paper jams happen but they shouldn’t be a frequent ordeal, so if you’re spending more time fixing paper jams than actually working, this is a sign to replace your printer!

Printer Repair Costs Are Skyrocketing

We love a good printer repair job, but if you’re continually having your printer serviced and the costs are equal to or more than investing in a new printer, it’s time to make that purchase. 

Outdated Printer Technology

Is your printer old? If you’ve had a printer that’s hanging on and not performing as it did in its heyday, it’s time to retire it! Printer technology is always advancing, so it only benefits your business to take advantage of printer features that make your life easier and more efficient.   

Varied Printer Brands

Over the years, has your business collected a hodge-podge of different printer brands? While at the time you may have gotten a killer deal, but now that you’ve grown, all these mix-matched printers have different personalities and needs that it can be difficult to keep up. Stick with one brand of printer to replace the others!   

Choose White Spider For Quality Refurbished Printers

Do you have a printer that is showing any one of the signs above? Now is the time to bite the bullet and invest in a new printer. But, it doesn’t have to be brand spanking new! Save yourself some cash and get a refurbished printer that functions as beautifully — maybe better — than a new one.

All the refurbished printers at White Spider Electronics go through our special refurbishing process for a printer that is ready to tackle all your big or small printing projects, while never sacrificing quality or performance — there are no lemons when you partner with us!  

For the leading quality and high-performing refurbished printers, shop online with White Spider Electronics today!  


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