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While much of our business has been moved online and can function electronically, there is still a good amount of documents and information that needs to be printed, which is only made possible by printers! 


Your business relies on a printer, and, in your office, this is likely one of the biggest investments you may make, so it’s crucial that you buy one that can keep up with your demands. With so many options available, and new printer models being produced daily, this is a great time to investigate the benefits of a refurbished printer! 


At White Spider Electronics, we have a wide variety of gently used and refurbished printers available in our online printer shop. Learn more about why you should choose refurbished printers today! 


Why You’ll Love Refurbished Printers!


Many people shop refurbished printers because of their affordability, but beyond getting a like-new printer at a fraction of the cost, there are so many reasons for your business to invest in a refurbished printer!


Printer Sustainability


If you’re running a business, you’re probably interested in creating an eco-friendly and more sustainable company — not only is it great for the environment, but it’s great for your ROI!


Lead the way in your industry by choosing an eco-conscious printer option — you’re increasing sustainability by saving an otherwise good printer from ending up in the landfill. It breathes new life into gently used equipment and it also reduces the need for new printers to be made, saving our non-renewable resources.  


Like-New Printers


Refurbished printers can be equated to buying a used car — people do it all the time! An older printer model doesn’t mean that it should be scraped and sent straight to the landfill — it’s still in great shape. This is your chance to take advantage of a gently used printer with all the bells and whistles you’ve ever wanted! 


Do a little research on refurbished printers that catch your eye (HP and Lexmark printers are a good place to begin), and find a refurbished printer company that has gone through the printer and restored it to its former glory — good reviews also help! 


Better Track Record


Investing in a brand new printer can be a gamble. On one hand, you’re getting a brand new model, but on the other, it’s so new that if something breaks it’s hard to find components to fix it with — there just isn’t a demand for it yet. 


Investing in a refurbished printer has all the applicable parts available because it has been on the market longer. Not only when you buy a refurbished printer it has been serviced to ensure longevity, so there’s a good chance it won’t break or fail any time soon! 


Unrivaled Quality


One of the loudest critiques for refurbished printers are the claims of their poor quality. Typically, the issue is discerning used printers from refurbished printers. 


Used printers are generally sold as is, whereas refurbished printers are subjected to a series of reconditioning including detailed maintenance, repairs, and control tests. These printers often come with a warranty, compared to used printers that do not. 


Heightened Productivity


Failing printers all have one thing in common — they kill workplace productivity! If you’re constantly replacing parts, your business is bottle-necked waiting for the printer to be repaired or parts to come in. Who knows how long it will be halted? 


Boost your workplace productivity with a reliable refurbished printer.


When it comes to shopping for a printer, you can buy new, used, or refurbished. Refurbished printers are a wonderful choice for their affordability, sustainability, like-new conditions, better track records, quality, and workplace productivity, so why not save money and get a printer that performs? You can when you choose a refurbished printer!


Invest in a refurbished printer with White Spider Electronics!


At White Spider Electronics, we have a broad variety of refurbished printers in our online printer store ready to be shipped today! 


There are no lemons when you partner with us! Many times people forego refurbished printers because they’re nervous they’re going to be sold a lemon, but not at White Spider Electronics. We founded our business as a result of being sick and tired of purchasing unreliable electronics from untrustworthy online businesses.   


A refurbished printer from us means that you’ll always receive a rebuilt, reliable, and high-quality refurbished printer at an affordable price. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have and support you in your search for the perfect printer! 


From skilled printer technicians that go through and maintain and repair the printer to refurbished printer warranties, we stand behind our products and provide you with optimal functionality for long-term success!


What are you waiting for? Shop our refurbished printers today! 


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