10 Tips to Make Your Printer Last Longer

Get the most out of your printer!

Printers are electronic devices we rely heavily upon, especially if you’re operating a small business where printed documents are still a necessity. And, while most printers have a long shelf life, replacing them can be expensive.

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How Do I Make My Printer Last Longer?

Printers from reputable manufacturers such as Brother, HP, and Lexmark continue to innovate their designs, making each one of their models built to last. With that said, just like any appliance or electronic device, a little TLC in the form of maintenance and repair can always extend its life, and there is always a set of best practices to guide you!

Invest In High-Quality Printer Paper

Extend the life of your printer with the paper you use. When you spend a little more on better-quality paper, you reduce the risk of paper jams. Over time, paper jams can cause internal damage to the printer, not to mention become the subject of office rage when an employee can’t get a document to print. 

A high-quality paper is more accommodating to print heads and ink cartridges and can help keep everything moving smoothly. 

Choose An Ideal Printer Location

The location of your printer is vital to its performance and longevity — keep your printer in its own little nook away from direct sunlight and direct air (from the HVAC). 

Utilize Standby Modes

Most printers should have a setting that allows you to put them in standby. Standby is an important feature to use for increasing the longevity of your printer because it powers down the printer so it can’t receive power, which helps to save the internal parts because they’re not constantly consuming power. 

Using shorter standby times are ideal — going into standby after five minutes is more efficient than 20 minutes, if you’re able to program this into your printer. 

Use Ink Cartridges That Are Printer-Specific

Ink cartridges are expensive and we understand why you would want to save money on off-brand cartridges, but if you can, invest in printer-specific ink cartridges that are recommended by the printer manufacturer. 

Why do high-quality printer cartridges matter? When the ink is specifically recommended for your printer model, there is less of a chance that it will leak into internal parts of the printer, damaging printer heads and other vital components. 

Replace Ink Cartridges When Prompted

Getting the most life out of an ink cartridge is important, and while you can get a little more life out of them after you’re prompted, you never want to wait too long after. Low ink cartridges begin to dry up, and a dry ink cartridge can contribute to excess wear and tear damage to the printer head. 

Train Yourself And Employees On How to Use The Printer

Oftentimes, printer damage can occur from those who don’t know how to properly operate the printer, or from those who get frustrated when it doesn’t work and tend to hit or roughly adjust the printer.  

Give everyone that uses the printer a crash course on how to load paper and ink cartridges and how to troubleshoot common issues such as paper jams.

Always Update Your Printer

Printers have an operating system — just like other technological devices — that needs to run updates from time-to-time. It’s easy to get into the habit of skipping updates, but these updates are definitely advisable. Not only will they likely improve your printer’s performance, but they’ll also help mitigate issues that result in an otherwise reduced lifespan.   

Keep You Printer Tidy

While you may not know the ins and outs of interior printer parts, you can do your due diligence by keeping the exterior tidy. Regularly use a lint-free cloth and dust around the printer and around its exterior parts to remove dirt, dust, and debris — the more you can keep this from the exterior, the more you can avoid it getting into the printer heads and rollers.

If you’re comfortable, clean the interior of your printer. Look for any excess dust or debris and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth.

Avoid Printer Overload

Did you know that your printer has what’s known as a monthly duty cycle? This is a predetermined number set by the printer manufacturer that establishes how many pages your printer can handle within a month. 

Make sure you’re within these numbers, and if you’re not, it may be time to upgrade to a higher capacity printer that is better equipped to handle the printing needs of your business. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance And Repair   

Your printer will be your biggest office ally as long as you care for it properly. Even when it’s perfectly maintained and you take all the right steps, it still may need regular maintenance and repair over its lifespan. 

This may be something as minor as a thorough cleaning to a service that’s more in-depth such as replacing roller heads or other parts. 

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